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Its 3 in the morning and I am thinking to myself, "I think I should use this thing."

Anyways, Lelouch vi Britannia is coming along nicely. Maybe I'll post pics sometime soon.

Nov. 6th, 2008

I feel really bummed right now. Or possibly, I feel sad? Annoyed? Which is it? Its probably everything negative right now. I am tired and I should probably go to sleep. My poor decisions are not benefiting me or anyone else. I really need to go to an anime convention, get my stress out and relieved. School does not help one bit in life, actually I think its the cause of all my anxiety. School issues, I just don't want to do anything that has to do with school, I hate it so much. And yet, I must go tomorrow. I hate it so much, I despise it. I just don't feel like socializing with anyone, all I want to do it just sleep and go home. Well, I want to go to an anime convention. I want to finish these horrible years of my life. Its so upsetting and stressful. And I think Ive become obssesed with anime, games and cosplay so much, its at the point where thats ALL I can talk about. Its like I can't hold a normal conversation anymore. Even at home, I just blurt out "I want to go to an anime convention". School, home, anywhere, somehow my conversation always go to anime/cosplay/game related. It amazes me how this happened. I dont know if its a good thing, but I'm thinking its not. I've lost my ability to socialize normally. Maybe because that I feel as such an outcast now, I belong to an anime convention. Its a 2nd home, and I really want to go to Otakon. Well, I REALLY do not want to go to school today, yes today. I should sleep because I am tired but I am relictant to move from the chair. What is this nonsense. I feel very empty right now. Anime USA really brought my spirits high, but I think that ran out. I am missing apart of me, something out there in the world, that I need. I need some true happiness. Like say going to an anime convention. YEA. Life is so dull. Time passes so quickly, and yet so slow.  I am just waiting for Katsucon to come, and I am waiting for school to end. Its really agitating me. Help me. I need to get away from it all. ANime convention.  I want to go Ebay shopping. As fun as sewing your own costumes is, which is not really that fun, ordering everything premade is always alot funner.


The Hyatt is booked, completely. Why didn't I reserve a room 3 days ago, and then everything would have been dandy. MY lack of judgment scares me sometimes. This is sadness, now what must I do? Resort to reserving a room in another hotel, jeez that would make things confusing. Although, if it comes down to it, I will. Hopefully, someone would cancel their reservation, Bah! Who would? Of all the days, Feb 13- 15 is the one week where the Hyatt is holding three conventions at the same time! 3! Goodness, maybe something might happen, and Katsucon might all of a sudden swap hotels, like Nekocon did last year. Agh who knows. What a predicament, my plans are much more complicated. However, I am very excited in doing my Silent Hill skit, Ive created. Though, I guess making a Pyramid head would be quite a challenge. But, I am crazed about my Rukia cosplay. I love Bleach, love so the point that I somehow bring a Bleach cosplay to every convention so far. Oh, and let us not forget Saya Otonashi, and Xiao Qiao that I hope to debut. Unfortunately, Katsucon is what, five months away. I cannot wait, and I hope to see everyone there! ^^

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